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Yelp App for Windows Phone: Features

Yelp has released its official application for #Windows phone. Yelp is a popular site that is used to look for specific products and business /services like to find suggestions such as where to buy an #automobile, coffee shop, or read consumer reviews, or any other thing that you want to find in your local areas. Yelp Windows Phone 8 application experience is similar to Yelp site is you are familiar with. You can now search for local business directly from this application rather than heading to web #browser to launch site.

Yelp Windows phone client app allows you to search services or products by category, location, keywords or business names to get reviews and details. It uses #GPS to find your present location. You can search for your desired services by entering keyword or business name in the search bar present on the main screen. You can also directly check recently browsed history, Yelp deals, contact list, bookmarks, nearby Yelp listing etc by just single tap on the quick links below the search bar. However, you need to sign-in to your account to access bookmarks and friend list.

Yelp App for Windows Phone

Present Features Available in Yelp

  • Search for businesses near your location
  • You can search nearby bars, restaurants, cafes and more just by tap on quick links
  • Use hood, distance, price and what’s open now to narrow your search
  • You can even check what is good and what’s not near your location or around region just by accessing reviews
  • This mobile app allows you to get great deals presented by your local business
  • Allows you to add tips, photos and draft reviews of your favorite services
  • Like Facebook, you can check-in and share where you are with your Yelp friends
  • Allows you to make reservations on OpenTable without leaving the Yelp app
  • This app will search for thousands of businesses’ addresses and contact numbers around you

Yelp Windows Phone 8 mobile client is very simple to use and find businesses nearby you however you can’t search for services based on map as you can do at Yelp.com site.

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